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Ashley and Kameron


I was so excited when Ashley contacted me about being their wedding photographer earlier this year. I had met her once before through a mutual friend and knew that she would make a stunning bride, and boy was I right. The love these two have for each other just radiates, and no, its not because of the 108 degree weather on their wedding day. Ashley picked such vibrant colors, but even the beautiful cherry red bridesmaids dresses couldn’t distract anyone from how lovely she looked in her princess ball gown. I wish Ashley and Kameron all the best, and I am so thankful I got to be apart of their special day!

I loved how each one of these dresses were different! It really showcased each bridesmaid’s personality

Practicing “tying the knot” before the ceremony

Ashley seeing herself in her dress right after her bridesmaids zipped her up

Now that Ashley was all ready to go, it was time for the first reveal. This was probably one of my favorite moments from their day

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There is that “radiant” thing I was talking about!

Such a beautiful wedding party!

I loved how they incorporated Ashley and Kameron’s mutual love of hunting! It made for some fun pictures!

Ashley made the garters herself!

Kameron’s face when he saw Ashley coming down the aisle was priceless.

Yay! Its official!

Wedding party announcements are always so much fun!

After dinner I was able to steal the couple away for some sunset pictures!

Then it was time for toasts!

And we couldn’t forget the cake!

They were so nice to each other despite the taunts from their friends around them

Im convinced they had one of the cutest first dances I have ever seen. Which would be fitting since Ashley is a dancer!

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Then the party started! The money dance, bouquet toss, garter throw and lots of dancing done by all!

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