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Manuel and Hannah


Mr. and Mrs. Yanez! A beautiful venue, perfectly cloudy weather, gorgeous detailing and, most importantly, a lovely and kind couple made this a wonderful wedding day! Soft pinks, pearls, stunning flower arrangements… Hannah and Manuel’s day screamed Romance.
We started out the day in Vista Wine Ranch and Cellar’s bridal suite to photograph Hannah getting pampered and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to start!
Sweet smiles while texting Manuel
 Hannah took a break from getting ready to open her gifts from Manuel. And boy did he do well. Gentleman, when in doubt, always go with Tiffanys.
Time to finish getting ready to walk down the aisle!
Hannah decided to surprise her dad with a “first reveal” before she walked down the aisle!
Then it was time for us to head over to photograph the guys! From mimosas and hairspray to beer bottles and lots of cologne! The differences always make me smile ­čÖé
Hannah sent over a special note for Manuel to read before the ceremony
We walked into the church and were greeted by this adorable display! Cutest guestbook ever!
Hannah and Manuel were all tears and smiles while they talked to each other right before they became Mr. and Mrs
But they didn’t have to wait long! Finally it was time
We grabbed a couple photos in the church before we headed back over to the venue to brave the chilly weather for group photos!
The guys kept their humor throughout their groomsmen pictures
The ladies looked stunning for their bridesmaids photos!
After all of the wedding party fun we took a walk around the venue and took pictures of the bride and groom!
Dancing is absolutely, hands-down, the best way to be announced into your reception.
As guests were munching on dinner I took the opportunity to capture all of the beautiful details! I also stole the rings away for a few shots
┬áChampagne was poured and it was time for toasts. There were so many sweet, funny and heart-warming moments I couldn’t even fit them all in this post!
Time for events! Cake cutting, first dance, mother-son, father-daughter, bouquet and garter toss, the whole nine-yards!
Last, but certainly not least, it was time to party! With a great DJ and a fun group this crowd was ready to dance the night away
Congratulations Manuel and Hannah!!

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