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I knew from the second that Kyle asked me during a phone conversation if I was comfortable hanging out of a gold cart while he sped by me on a dirt bike that this was going to be a one-of-a-kind wedding! On a sunny afternoon in March, surrounded by bright yellow and blue flowers, Kyle and Ashley became husband and wife. You could feel the love that not only they had for each other, but that all of their friends and family had for them as well. Using the airport hanger as their venue represented their unconventional and fun personalities! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Catto for letting me be a part of your special day!

Ashley and Kyle got ready at one of the loveliest private residences I have ever seen. Tucked away in Jackson, California was this home with gardens, waterfalls and enough cute cottages to make you want to squeal.

Untitled 1 _MG_2375 _MG_2459 _MG_2489 _MG_2501 _MG_2645 _MG_2640 _MG_2325 _MG_2741 _MG_2333 _MG_2726 Untitled 24

Untitled 3 _MG_2892 _MG_2823 _MG_2870 _MG_2879 _MG_2877 _MG_2910

Before Ashley slipped into her dress I got to walk around the beautiful property and take photos of her sweet details

_MG_2304 copy Untitled 7 _MG_2290 _MG_2691 _MG_2561 Untitled 28 _MG_2763 _MG_2535 Untitled 2

Untitled 4 _MG_2950 _MG_2946

The second Ashley put her dress on she transformed into a stunning bride. She was ready for Kyle to see her. This was one of the most touching first reveals I have ever had the opportunity of being a part of!

_MG_2969 _MG_2976 Untitled 5 _MG_2988 _MG_3013 _MG_3003 _MG_2997 Untitled 6

Kyle even took the time to admire her shoes! You found a keeper Ashley!

K_MG_3042 _MG_3049 _MG_3019 _MG_3040 Untitled 8

Then it was time to take portraits before their walk down the aisle

_MG_3064 _MG_3071 copy _MG_3146 Untitled 10 _MG_3222 _MG_3069 _MG_3134 Untitled 9 _MG_3243 _MG_3252

Ashley rode over to the airpot in style while Kyle took his dirt bike!

Untitled 11 _MG_2810

We arrived at the hanger and cheery yellow balloons and airplanes greeted us

Untitled 29 _MG_4178 _MG_3331 _MG_3376 _MG_3358


Untitled 22 _MG_3460 _MG_3482 _MG_3462



_MG_3486 _MG_3491 Untitled 17
_MG_3508 _MG_3556 Untitled 16 _MG_3562 _MG_3631 _MG_3622 _MG_3637 _MG_3602 _MG_3660 _MG_3664 copy _MG_3672 _MG_3679 _MG_3685 copy

Ashley and Kyle’s guests munched on dinner while we went out and took pictures

Untitled 13 _MG_4097 _MG_3358 _MG_3349 Untitled 14 _MG_4104 _MG_4111

We started with family pictures

Untitled 15

Then moved on to wedding party photos

_MG_3835 _MG_3881 _MG_3885 _MG_3870 _MG_3947 _MG_3960 _MG_3931 _MG_3954 _MG_3821 _MG_3901 _MG_3906

Then, Ashley and I piled into the golf cart and Kyle rode next to us on his dirt bike. We took a short drive and  some amazing photos of the newlyweds on the air strip

Untitled 25 _MG_3983 Untitled 27 _MG_4044 Untitled 26 _MG_4013 _MG_4001

This sweet couple was announced back in dancing and then it was time to party! Starting with toasts and cake-cutting!

_MG_4060 _MG_4072 _MG_4210 _MG_4229 _MG_4232 _MG_4288 _MG_4271 _MG_4250 _MG_4208 _MG_4485 _MG_4512 Untitled 21 _MG_4525

Kyle and Ashley decided to play the shoe game, which was totally adorable, the DJ would ask a question such as, “who’s the best dancer?” and then Kyle and Ashley had to hold up the shoe for the person they thought best fit the answer. They were completely unanimous on some, but on others, the two saw things a little differently! After that was the bouquet and garter toss!

_MG_4119 _MG_4157 _MG_4169 _MG_4542 Untitled 18 _MG_4566 Untitled 19

Then everyone’s favorite part, dancing!

_MG_4765 _MG_4307 _MG_4339 _MG_4343 copy Untitled 23 _MG_4353 _MG_4368 copy Untitled 20 _MG_4405 _MG_4417 _MG_4437 copyjpg _MG_4612 _MG_4721 _MG_4632

_MG_4473 _MG_4591

To wrap up the night we took some romantic sunset photos!
_MG_4829 _MG_4805 _MG_4818 _MG_4791 _MG_4844

Congratulations Kyle and Ashley!


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