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Galletto’s Rehearsal Dinner


lighter final

I had the pleasure of photographing the loveliest rehearsal dinner at Gallettos a couple weekends ago! Dotted with lovely artistic touches, soft romantic colors and lots of laughter it was a dreamy night. The ambient lighting cast from the string lights and good wine set the mood for these two wonderful families to celebrate the fact they were about to become one big family!

IMG_2414 IMG_2329 IMG_2370 IMG_2334 IMG_2833 IMG_2338 IMG_2325 IMG_2696 IMG_2498IMG_2455IMG_2474IMG_2596 IMG_2783 IMG_2541 IMG_2670 IMG_2687 IMG_2677 IMG_2728IMG_2524IMG_2876 IMG_2950 IMG_2926 IMG_2907 IMG_2957IMG_2962IMG_3036IMG_3025IMG_3067

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