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Stephanie + Eddie



Stephanie and Eddie had one of the cheeriest color palettes I have ever seen! Bright turquoise and sunny yellow were to be found everywhere. These colors were a reflection of the joy that was to come throughout the day! Amid many friends and family these two love bugs announced their love for each other and made a commitment to love each other the rest of their days. I had the pleasure of taking their engagement photos a while back and the thing I remember noticing from my first interaction with them was that, not only were they madly in love, but they were best friends. I feel so honored to have photographed the beginning of this new chapter in their love and friendship!

1 IMG_9795 IMG_9815 2 IMG_9820 Untitled IMG_9989 IMG_9998 IMG_0025 IMG_0044IMG_0675IMG_0687IMG_066917IMG_0128 IMG_0083 IMG_9963 IMG_0165 9 IMG_0188 IMG_0170 IMG_0174 IMG_0205 IMG_0216 IMG_0223 IMG_0226IMG_0976IMG_1020IMG_0828IMG_0380IMG_042512IMG_0414IMG_0558IMG_0507IMG_0334IMG_111013IMG_1186IMG_1180IMG_120114IMG_124816IMG_1295IMG_1304IMG_1308IMG_1302IMG_1296IMG_1436IMG_1540IMG_1545IMG_1555IMG_1562IMG_1570IMG_1575IMG_15208IMG_1638IMG_0368 copyIMG_1649IMG_1734IMG_1786IMG_0357IMG_1719 copy15IMG_1687IMG_175810IMG_1805IMG_063411IMG_0615IMG_1832IMG_1911IMG_1905IMG_2031IMG_1896IMG_2086IMG_2071IMG_2064IMG_1989IMG_2144IMG_1970IMG_2078IMG_1930IMG_2132IMG_21927IMG_2218IMG_2254IMG_2250IMG_2245IMG_2278IMG_2309IMG_2647IMG_2665IMG_26903IMG_2726IMG_2400IMG_2328IMG_2739IMG_2474IMG_2556IMG_23945IMG_2602IMG_2366IMG_24666IMG_2548IMG_2435Photography//Emily Jean Images

Assisted by// Maddie Charles

Make-up Artist// Kristin Noelle Cipponeri

Hair//Megan Countryman

Venue//The Golf Club at Brentwood

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