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Vintage Baking Lifestyle Session


Amanda and Marc are just the cutest. I love couples who can have fun together! When we were talking about what kind of session they wanted to have I recalled Amanda telling me about her new vintage (I think that’s an oxymoron) blender she had bought, that is when the inspiration hit me, a baking session! With Amanda’s fun laid back style and all of their laughs I knew we would have a great time!

Untitled-1 IMG_9188 IMG_9178 IMG_9236 IMG_9233 IMG_9198 IMG_9213 IMG_9283 IMG_9345 IMG_9330 IMG_9255 IMG_9329 IMG_9358 IMG_9364 IMG_9377 IMG_9382 IMG_9354 IMG_9411 IMG_9227 IMG_9422 IMG_9439 IMG_9477 IMG_9482 IMG_9495 IMG_9508 IMG_9443 IMG_9458 IMG_9522 IMG_9530 IMG_9553 IMG_9561 IMG_9590 IMG_9606 IMG_9640 IMG_9663 IMG_9678 IMG_9688 IMG_9706

  1. Allie Borba

    September 29th, 2014 at 5:06 am

    I loved that!!!! so freaking cute

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