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A Spooky Classy Halloween


This session is inspired by all things spooky, classy and mysterious. Liz, Ally and I had a blast getting together and creating these images. Something you all should know about me, I am terrified of fire. I bring my candles and a book of matches to my brother at home because I refuse to light them, I am convinced my hand is going to catch on fire and explode… or something awful along those lines.When we learned that this shoot was going to need to take place a little later in the day, I knew we were going to need some more light, and what is spookier than candles? So, the girl who is terrified of candles went to the store and bought fifty of them. Thank goodness for my incredible assistant, Amanda, and her normal view of matches and her incredible patience lighting all of these.

As a disclaimer, I am a born again Christian, and absolutely not involved in any witchcraft. So, all of these were done in spooky fun, ┬áin fact, me and my gorgeous models were laughing during the session because we had no idea what any “witchy” terms were!

I hope you all enjoy this session as much as we did creating it!

Halloween colors IMG_3037 IMG_3460 IMG_2870 IMG-3319 IMG_3456 IMG_2893 IMG_2993 IMG_3094 IMG_2956 IMG_3150 IMG_3339 IMG_3508 IMG_3006 IMG_2984 IMG_3054 IMG_3202 IMG_3467 IMG_3118 IMG_3402 IMG_3450 IMG_3528 IMG_2946 IMG_3018 IMG_3429 IMG_2932 IMG_3443 IMG_2917 IMG_3410 IMG_3141 IMG_3389 IMG_2965 IMG_3325 IMG_3475 IMG_2906 IMG_3084 IMG_3564 IMG_2976 IMG_3027 IMG_3162

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