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T R A V E L S// Seattle


I am oh-so excited to share this post! Most of the posts you see on here are about the incredible couples and families that I have the absolute privilege of having in front of my camera. This one is a little bit different.

Last July I had the opportunity to travel to Seattle to Washington. I have been a single gal for a while now, and have spent this time in my life fully enjoying my independence and freedom. I knew the next step in that was to begin solo traveling, so, off to Seattle I went.

What an incredible experience. I felt proud maneuvering a car, bart, tram, plane, taxi and a bus all on the same day. I felt peace sitting at the top of the space needle eating dinner and looking down on the lit-up city. I felt excited walking into an incredible art museum. I felt scared getting lost walking in the dark on the way back to my hotel. I felt rejuvenated taking a ferry ride at sunset and watching the most incredible view of the “emerald city”. I felt adventurous strolling down the streets of Georgetown.

And my goodness, did I feel joy.

So, most of my posts are geared towards those married or on the road there. This one is geared towards those of you who are not. Explore, take ownership of your life, find the beauty in every season.

seattle colors
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  1. shelbyw

    February 13th, 2015 at 11:26 pm

    YAAS. In your last photo, the coffee roaster and wine bar is fonte- one of my favorites when I lived there. <3 excellent job on these. my heart melts. Perfection.

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