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C H A D// Urban Lifestyle Session


Had the wonderful opportunity of photographing Chad Azevedo in downtown Modesto this week alongside some other photographer friends! I have always wanted a tattoo, but I’ve been too chicken as of yet to get one. When Chad walked up with his full sleeves and head tattoos my first thought was, “I will never be that cool” quickly followed by, “or in that much pain.” The artwork covering his body is bright, intricate and incredible. But Chad took it further than that, his laid back personality, cool personal style and charisma shine through in the photographs and elevate the work he has done to a whole new level.
Untitled-2 IMG_4675 IMG_4693 IMG_4679 IMG_4743 IMG_4713 IMG_4684 IMG_4720 IMG_4746 IMG_4761 IMG_4783 IMG_4819 IMG_4918 IMG_4787 IMG_4798 IMG_4838 IMG_4871 IMG_4887 IMG_4893 IMG_4903 IMG_4874 IMG_4779 IMG_4883 IMG_4907 IMG_4930 IMG_4959 IMG_4980 IMG_4858 IMG_4936_1 IMG_5001 IMG_4832

  1. Karin Berg

    March 14th, 2015 at 10:06 pm

    Love these Emily! The colors are amazing and I love the clarity of the details!

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