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Y E S I & H E C T O R// Wedding


Yesi and Hector are the kind of clients that any photographer would kill to work with. Funny, kind, laid back and pleasant. They invite you in their home when you go to drop off photos, their kids come up and give you hugs when they see you, and they always have a smile for you. Yesi was the picture of timeless grace. Their wedding was full of love and bling. What a fun day and an absolute honor to photograph!
Untitled-2Details_06 Details_01 Details_14 Details_08 Details_04 Getting Ready_24 Getting Ready_02 Getting Ready_08 Getting Ready_40 Getting Ready_18 Getting Ready_22 Getting Ready_11 Getting Ready_15 Getting Ready_30 Getting Ready_46 Getting Ready_48 Getting Ready_50 Getting Ready_61 Getting Ready_60 Getting Ready_56 Getting Ready_75Getting Ready_72 Getting Ready_65 Bride and Groom_02 Wedding Party_07 Wedding Party_04 Wedding Party_09 Wedding Party_58 Bride and Groom_11 Bride and Groom_10 Family and Friends_04 Bride and Groom_23 Bride and Groom_25Reception_034 Reception_038 Reception_037 Reception_035 Reception_094 Reception_098 Reception_102 Reception_107 Reception_108 Reception_109 Reception_087 Reception_090 Dancing_096 Dancing_081 Dancing_005 Dancing_050 Dancing_047 Dancing_080 Dancing_078 Dancing_042 Family and Friends_41 Dancing_039 Dancing_086 Dancing_082Hair Stylist//Lorena Bustos
Make-up Artist//Janelle Alvarez
Florist//Fresh Flowers
DJ// Sounds n Motion

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