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E N Z O & S H A Y L A H// Proposal


Oh happy day!I love photographing proposals. There are not many other times in life where you get to be up front and center while somebody makes one the biggest decisions they will ever make. The emotions, nerves, excitement… it is raw, lovely and a complete honor to be a part of.

Enzo and I have been close for many years now. He messaged me in the beginning of March asking for information about proposal sessions and I just about screamed with excitement. On March 29th he arranged for Shaylah’s family to bring her to Big Sur. That morning Enzo, his sister Amanda and I drove there before them and to get set up. He had done his research and found a quiet gorgeous beach bordering the hills that were in full spring bloom. When Shaylah came he was hiding in one of the rocky coves and had Amanda hand her a book as Shaylah descended the stairs to the beach. Inside the book where photos and memories, including a photo of the two of them together at age 5! The very last page read “today we are going to make a memory that lasts a life time. Shaylah Ragene Ney, will you marry me?” At that point Shaylah had walked over to where Enzo was standing with a ring, he got down on one knee, she said yes. Tears were shed and Enzo and Shaylah began the start of a fabulous new adventure.

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  1. Diana Garcia

    March 31st, 2015 at 4:53 pm

    Thank you EmilyYou did fabulous. You captured Lorenzo and Shaylahs love for each other so beautifully.
    That was what it was all about ❤️

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