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K A R I N + T Y L E R// Engagement Party


Engagements mark the beginning of one of the biggest chapters in two people’s lives, what a reason to celebrate! Good wine, good friends and good food were plentiful at Karin and Tyler’s celebration. The warm summer breeze swirled its way around the guests and hydrangeas during the first part of the evening while the stars and string lights created the ambiance for the last.

Congratulations Tyler and Karin!

karin colors IMG_8812 IMG_8824 IMG_8831 IMG_8846 IMG_8779 IMG_8766 IMG_8739 IMG_8860 IMG_8883 IMG_8869 IMG_8876 IMG_8887 IMG_8926 IMG_8920 IMG_8931 IMG_8949 IMG_8988 IMG_8998 IMG_9053 IMG_9466IMG_8981 IMG_8943 IMG_9480 IMG_9487 IMG_9088 IMG_9091 IMG_9504 IMG_9444 IMG_9478 IMG_9462 IMG_9456 IMG_9431 IMG_9451 IMG_9238 IMG_9242 IMG_9209 IMG_9152 IMG_9069 IMG_9047 IMG_9037 IMG_9025 IMG_9004 IMG_9406 IMG_9620 IMG_9640 IMG_9109 IMG_9105 IMG_9235 IMG_8852IMG_9139 IMG_9117 IMG_9134 IMG_9569 IMG_9361 IMG_9324 IMG_9278 IMG_9263 IMG_9251 IMG_9270 IMG_9384 IMG_9378 IMG_9373 IMG_9397 IMG_9660IMG_9921 IMG_9933 IMG_9611 IMG_9615 IMG_8904 IMG_8899 IMG_9673 IMG_9682 IMG_9678 IMG_9684 IMG_9687 IMG_9694 IMG_9696 IMG_9698 IMG_9729 IMG_9740 IMG_9766 IMG_9916 IMG_9902 IMG_9843 IMG_9856 IMG_9866 IMG_9884 IMG_9887 IMG_9994 IMG_9976 IMG_9943 IMG_9819 IMG_9834 IMG_0031 IMG_0019 IMG_0008 IMG_0001 IMG_9845 IMG_9960 IMG_0046 IMG_0035 IMG_0057 IMG_0067 IMG_9710

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