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E L I Z A B E T H + R A F A E L// San Francisco Wedding


What a beautiful day Elizabeth and Rafael had! Gorgeous views, elegant ceremony, and a fun party to follow. We met up before the wedding to go over photo locations and they were up for anything, which is one of the most exciting things a photographer can hear. I went home and meticulously made sure I had a perfect route with stunning locations to take us through the city. Little did I know that on their wedding day, Mr. Wind would be out in full force to play. I drove up to our first spot and could not even open my car door! At this point the driver of the Rolls Royce they were cruising in came up with the perfect idea to head up to the Cliffhouse near the Sutro Baths for their photos! I could not have picked a more lovely place for this lovely couple.

P.S. Check out one of their photos featured in Huffington Post!

cliffhouse colors IMG_0408_1 IMG_0551_1 IMG_0361_1 IMG_0453_1 IMG_0484_1 IMG_0350_1 IMG_0496_1IMG_0587_1 IMG_0580_1 IMG_0626_1 IMG_0663_1 IMG_0655_1 IMG_0598_1IMG_0671_1 IMG_0751_1 IMG_0757_1 IMG_0823_1 IMG_0781_1 IMG_0874_1 IMG_0878_1 IMG_0915_1 IMG_0918_1 IMG_1027_1 IMG_1141_1 IMG_1166_1 IMG_1170_1 IMG_1180_1 IMG_0892_1 IMG_1225_1 IMG_1339_1IMG_1467_1 IMG_1645_1 IMG_1699_1 IMG_1534_1 IMG_1684_1 IMG_1710_1 IMG_1591_1 IMG_1630_1 IMG_1573_1 IMG_1490_1 IMG_1571_1 IMG_1642_1 IMG_1499_1 IMG_1663_1 IMG_1567_1 IMG_1723_1 IMG_1718_1IMG_1739_1 IMG_1874_1 IMG_1850_1 IMG_1883_1 IMG_1822_1 IMG_1898_1 IMG_2134_1_1 IMG_2113_1 IMG_2498_1 IMG_2504_1 IMG_2522_1 IMG_2411_1 IMG_2473_1 IMG_2475_1 IMG_2258_1 IMG_2164_1 IMG_2690_1 IMG_2199_1 IMG_2222_1 IMG_2437_1 IMG_2740_1 IMG_2397_1 IMG_2655_1 IMG_2204_1 IMG_2611_1 IMG_2345_1 IMG_2358_1 IMG_2755_1 IMG_2771_1 IMG_2783_1 IMG_2781_1

//V E N D O R S//

Church: St. Peters Catholic Church 

Event Space: Donworth Hall Event Center

Florist: Lucy Michell, (415) 359-7678

Catering: El Metate, (415) 641-7209

Cake: El Sol Bakery, (510) 534-5397

Uplighting: Bay Area Uplighting

Party Rentals: Stuart Rental

Photo Booth: Picture This for Fun

Makeup Artist: Instagram: @pritylipstix,

Hair Stylist: Instagram: @zuri_azalia, Zuri A. Ferrusquia

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