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L I N D S A Y + C H R I S//Vintage Gardens Wedding


Lindsay and Chris could not be a sweeter couple.

They are full of grace, kindness and joy. Their wedding day was a perfect reflection of who they are.  Crisp whites, bright peonies and plaid suits set the tone. Their day was like taking a deep breath of sweet summer air.

Sweet and personalized moments were scattered throughout. The first, and one of my favorites, was Lindsay’s shoes. I showed up early to take photos of Lindsay’s details and I always make sure I have their shoes to do this with. After I showed up Lindsay searched high and low for her shoes and could not find them in the bridal suite anywhere, even though she was positive she had them. So, we went about our day and waited for the shoes to be delivered from a relative. After about an hour of waiting Lindsay’s mom discreetly tapped me on the shoulder and told me she in fact had Lindsay’s shoes! They had not been lost. Chris had kept them and had secretly written a message to Lindsay on the bottom!! “OMG! Today is finally here!! As you walk down the aisle know that this is the most confident decision I have ever made. I love you!  Christopher”

That moment perfectly sums up their relationship; thoughtful and crazy about each other. I am so glad I was able to photograph their day!

//V E N D O R S//

Photography: Emily Jean Images

Venue: Vintage Gardens

Flowers: Willow Floral Design

Furniture Rental: Unique Boutique

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