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Travel. Travel. Travel.

My heart seems to beat that word.

This summer me and two of my best girlfriends decided to hop on a plane and explore the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii! Warm water, fresh fruit and tan lines are what I see when I close my eyes and think about the memories we created.

We went up to San Francisco the night before our flight. I discovered my favorite new nail salon, and we grabbed a quick bite at Tacolicious  before crashing so we could wake up early for our flight the next morning.

IMG_9063_1_3 IMG_9061_1 IMG_9077 IMG_9064 IMG_9048 IMG_9067 IMG_9058 IMG_9055 IMG_9086_1 IMG_9091 IMG_9104 IMG_9098 IMG_9111 IMG_9102 IMG_9106 IMG_6045-1

We landed! We left at 10:30a.m. from SFO, flew for 5 hours and landed at noon in Hawaii! Figure that one out jet lagged mind.

Our hotel is GORGEOUS! Check out the view from our balcony in this first photo!

IMG_9133 IMG_9296 IMG_9266_1_3 IMG_9301 IMG_9239_1 IMG_9219 IMG_9289 IMG_9315 IMG_9197 IMG_9324_1 IMG_9326_1 IMG_9116 IMG_9124 IMG_9127 IMG_9122 IMG_9747 IMG_9746 IMG_9194

First up on the agenda: Spa Grande’s Hawaiian Salt Baths

IMG_9148 IMG_9145 IMG_6096 IMG_9179_1_3 IMG_9185_1
Next a trip into Lahaina to get some banana cream pie and, my favorite food of the trip, Star Noodle

IMG_9343 IMG_9338 IMG_9334 IMG_6150 IMG_9373_1_3 IMG_9372_1

IMG_9366 IMG_9351 IMG_9354 IMG_9356_1 IMG_9369_1_2 IMG_9364

We went to sleep listening to the waves crashing against the shore. Woke up bright and early the next morning to go Snuba diving!! Snuba is a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving. Meaning you can go under the water but your air supply is not strapped to you.

This was NOT my cup of tea.

They want you to sink…in the ocean. I am fully okay in being a land mammal and never trying to breathe underwater again.

That being said, it was  a beautiful day, and after I resigned to floating on top of a boogie board I was able to get little glimpses of the stunning ocean life all around me.

DSC09856 _MG_0140 DSC09876 DSC09879 DSC09860 DSC09895 DSC09863 IMG_2645 DSC09875 DSC09867 IMG_2660 DSC09869 DSC09849 DSC09882 DSC09861 DSC09843

DSC09872 DSC09828 IMG_2658

Tuesday we went to the Old Lahaina Luau which was a huge highlight of our week. We got to try authentic Hawaiian food including pork steamed underground…delicious…and poi, which is basically fish paste…disgusting. I wish it was appropriate in California to wear a lei every day of the week, because I probably would.

IMG_9378_1 IMG_9482_1_3 IMG_9397 IMG_9379 IMG_9384 IMG_9396 IMG_6163 IMG_6176 IMG_9233 IMG_9469 IMG_9449 IMG_9434 IMG_9452 IMG_9414_1_3 IMG_9404_1_3 IMG_9490 IMG_9498 IMG_6179 IMG_6180 IMG_9492 IMG_9302

Paia. Paia was my VERY favorite part. The shops, the atmosphere, the duck quesadilla…..all to die for. We got there early and took a food tour which was a blast. We learned about the history of Paia, tried local coffee, apple bananas (I wanted to sneak a whole tree of those back home with me on the airplane), and had a scrumptious breakfast at Charlys, we also had the opportunity to meet some locals and get to hear their stories! How they ended up on the island, what they used to do back on the mainland and where their favorite places to go where.

IMG_9519 IMG_1829 IMG_9506 IMG_9574 IMG_9604 IMG_9568 IMG_9638_1_3 IMG_9523_1 IMG_9526 IMG_9529 IMG_9347 IMG_9558 IMG_9514 IMG_9607 IMG_9547 IMG_9174 IMG_9621 IMG_9624 IMG_9508

Our last day on the island we drove the road to Hana to twin falls…the first stop…and swam in a muddy waterfall! I’m not sure what I was picturing, but it definitely wasn’t bug bites and murky water. The greenery was INCREDIBLE though. I have never in my life seen that much color packed into one place. We spent the rest of the day eating shave ice and boogie boarding in the warm ocean waves until sunset. A complete dream.

IMG_1909 IMG_9767 IMG_9750 IMG_9759 IMG_9770 IMG_9802 IMG_9813 IMG_9203 IMG_9796 IMG_9783_1 IMG_9774_1 IMG_9777_1 IMG_1986 IMG_9286 IMG_9826 IMG_9248 IMG_9264 IMG_9696 IMG_9693 IMG_9679 IMG_9686 IMG_9661 IMG_9676 IMG_9242 IMG_9271 IMG_9235 IMG_1848_1 IMG_9725 IMG_9672 IMG_6123 IMG_9278 IMG_9287 IMG_9288

Our last dinner was at Mama’s Fish House. It was the perfect way to finish things off… Also, they had the most superb deserts ever, just sayin.

IMG_9733_1 IMG_9742_1 IMG_9744

We feel so blessed, happy and tan. Thanks Maui for the memories 🙂 Mahalo


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