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M A R C + A M A N D A// Engaged


They are the best.


But I’m a little biased since they are two of my very best friends. I have known Amanda for many moons now, and about three years ago she had just gotten out of a pretty long relationship, and me, being an infinite source of wisdom, decided that rather than let her get over and recover from her past relationship that it would be best to set her up with a new guy, this guy being Marc. 

Lots of days full of texts back in forth that read something like:
Amanda: “Awww Marc just text me a kissy face, he’s so sweet!” 
Emily: “Ew, you’re disgusting.” 

and the two of them were in love. Marc purposed at one of our game nights and I could not be happier to stand by Amanda’s (and Marc’s, I’m just going to run back and forth during the ceremony….kidding) side this October as they say “I Do” to forever.