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Interview with Borrowed and Blue




Emily Jean Images recently teamed up with Borrowed and Blue, a locally-focused online wedding resource, to give couples everything they need to know about our photography services.



“We love Emily Jean Images for San Francisco weddings, and should be a top choice for Bay Area couples. Just take a look at her work—it speaks for itself!” – Stephanie DeVaux, Borrowed & Blue’s San Francisco Market Specialist



Here’s our Q&A with Borrowed & Blue:  


1. How did you first get into photography?

I have always been artistic but impatient. So, when I discovered photography in high school and found that I could instantly create what I had in my head, I was smitten. I started photographing anything breathing around me, my youth pastor had me start photographing his family and events at church, I got hired to shoot my first wedding at 17 and the rest is history.


2. What single photo sums up your aesthetic?


Okay, I don’t even know if I picked the right one. But this is one of my favorite photographs. This was not a styled shoot. The groom played the guitar while his bride walked down the aisle they made for their intimate wedding at the groom’s grandma’s house. It was a lovely day; artistic, authentic, full of joy, focused on love and I am so honored to have been chosen to photograph it. 


3. As a storyteller, what draws you to a particular subject?

I love the little details that compose a wedding day. The shoes, the bride’s lipstick lying out on the counter, mom’s hands as she buttons the last button on the bride’s dress, grandma’s corsage. These are the things that make every wedding unique, the things that tell the story of that one specific day in history. 

4. What is your favorite moment to photograph at a wedding?    

The first look is a given. I like to have the couple stand there for a moment before the groom turns around. It centers everyone, lets the anticipation build and draws out all of the emotion of that overwhelming moment. Then, I quickly say “go” and the get to see the person they are about to be best friends with for the rest of their life, doesn’t get much better than that. 

5. What makes or breaks a bridal shoot?

How relaxed a bride is. If a bride is stressed and unable to take a deep breath and give me a real smile it shows in the photos. Have your maid of honor there to check your phone, bring a glass of champagne and remember to BREATHE! 

6. What are some of the most photogenic spots for engagement shoots?

There are a few in San Francisco that are stand outs; Stow Lake, anywhere in the Presidio and the Ferry Building. That being said, I prefer for my clients to choose a place that is a part of their story. The coffee shop where they had their first date or the beach where he proposed holds a lot more meaning than a random forest that I pick out. 


7. Where else do you love to photograph?

ANYWHERE! I love the desert, I love photographing in people’s homes, I love any city atmosphere. One of the best parts about being a photographer is that you just have to pack up a camera and get in your car. 


8. What’s your favorite photograph you’ve ever taken?

I chose this photo from Whitney and Patrick’s New Years wedding because it scared me. I love a challenge. This happened as soon as it hit midnight. It had been a long fun day and the dance floor was PACKED with guests counting down the New Year. I knew that this was “the” shot for the night. I positioned myself and the bride and groom, checked my light, held the camera up to my face, said a little prayer and clicked. I could not have asked for a better photo to end out the night. 


9. What’s your favorite wedding that you’ve shot?    

That’s like asking a parent who their favorite kid is! There is no way I could choose just one. My very first paid wedding was a big deal of course. I also photographed a tiny, intimate wedding in Big Sur at The Wind and Sea with only 60 people and it fostered a major love in my heart for small weddings. 

10. What’s your favorite out of all the San Francisco wedding venues to shoot at?

Oh, that’s tough. I think it really depends on the clients, I don’t know that there is a “one size fits all” venue. I love Firehouse 8 for my artsy clients, the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental is classic San Francisco elegance, and the Los Altos History Museum is so quaint and lovely, it has a lot of charm. 


11. What is the first thing you ask couples when they approach you?

“Tell me your wedding day vision”. The answer to this gives me SO much insight. It tells me about who they are, it gives me a sense of their style, it clues me into their priorities for the day and gives me more of an idea as to whether or not we would be a good fit! 


12. What’s the biggest mistake the couples make when choosing their photographer?

Choosing a photographer who doesn’t fit their style. Even though it’s awesome, and important, to love a photographer’s personality and to see good reviews about them, if what is in their portfolio doesn’t fit what’s important to your photography desires…don’t hire them!! You can’t make a photographer someone they are not. If you like your photos centered and lightly edited, don’t hire a moody photojournalist photographer. If you hate to be posed, don’t hire a traditional photographer. If picking the right hue of pink for your bridesmaids was one of the most important decisions you made, don’t hire a photographer who likes to change all of the colors in the editing process. If you love their portfolio, you will love your wedding images. 


13. What makes Emily Jean Images different from other wedding photographers?

I want my clients to be comfortable with me. I truly believe that you get the best photos, best smiles, best laughs, when you are comfortable with your photographer. I also have a fine arts background, it’s what I studied in college, so that comes into play with my wedding photographs and gives them a little extra “zing”. 



14. What tips do you have for couples who have never been photographed before?

Find a photographer who you are comfortable with. Usually if we share your sense of humor and can make you laugh that makes the session a lot easier. Above all, book an engagement session, don’t let your wedding be the first time you’ve been professionally photographed.                     


15. What are some of your upcoming projects for the future?     

I am booking weddings into 2017 and I cannot WAIT to capture these amazing days. I would love to branch into some more destinations weddings (wink, wink if you are getting married somewhere exotic..or European….or tropical…. or anywhere that requires an airplane) 




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And thanks again to Borrowed & Blue for the Q&A!