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Looking Back on 2017




I’ve thought about how to start this post so many times. I had people asking me if I was going to make one. I had myself wondering how I was even going to summarize the longest, hardest, craziest, and most exhausting and exciting year of my life.


I mean. Holy smokes. I photographed at some of my biggest bucket list venues from Carmel Mission to Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco. I had the privilege of spending 31 wedding days with 31 wonderful couples. (6 of those were in a span of 9 days!) I saw many tears and laughs and horrible speeches and got elbowed out of aisle ways and kissed by grandmas. I photographed exquisite Lazaro gowns and beautiful jimmy Choo shoes, tailored suits with custom tags and freshly polished loafers, flowers in every color under the rainbow and earrings passed down through the generations.

Emily Jean Images went through growing pains and came out the other side, was published in national print magazines and many online publications, and most importantly, produced images that clients will have for a lifetime.


This is the section that I don’t even know how to delve into. My feet were on 3 different continents and 7 different countries. I walked with cheetahs in Namibia, stood under the northern lights on a desolate beach in Iceland, wandered art galleries in Amsterdam, drank cosmopolitans in Cape Town and ate a water snake in China. I watched art installations in Montreal and saw a broadway play in New York. I walked down bourbon street with two hurricanes in my hands and got bit by ticks in Georgia. I overcame struggles that I would have never seen coming and I learned how to grow into the woman I want to be even more. I’ve leaned hard on God and found that he carries me when I can’t stand on my own.

I moved to Sacramento, without knowing anything about the city, and fell in love with midtown. I unpacked boxes that I had been collecting for years full of home decor and hopes and dreams and I’m now typing this from the little apartment I had always imagined in my mind. 

I started going back to school to pursue a long time dream of teaching, While doing this I’ve been asked to guest lecture at a college and a high school and I am SO enjoying getting to help other people find the things that they love.

I started cooking and doing yoga and playing my guitar again. I started embracing more sides of myself and expanding my experiences and knowledge base. I became addicted to Thai food and ate more yellow curry than I think is recommended. I made some incredible friends and spent late nights on video chats with photographers from all over the world laughing about the latest internet drama.

Looking to 2018: 

I wish I had something eloquent to say here….some sort of revelation that the ending of a crazy year had brought me…

But what I know is this:  I am thankful for my family for always being there…no matter what, for my friends in the industry having my back and making me laugh, for my dog cause she’s the best and for God for lighting the way for me even when things felt crazy.




How about some pictures? Cause geeze, I think Im all outta words for the next week.

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